Everything Matters, Nothing Matters: For Women Who Dare to Live With Exquistic Calm, Euphoric Creativity & Divine Clarity

Advance Praise for THIS BOOK

Spiritual seeker extraordinaire, Hillier...gracefully explains how to simultaneously live life and observe it. – PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY

At once deeply personal and utterly profound, Gina Mazza Hillier has comprehended the spectrum of the spiritual life. To read this book is to be initiated onto the path where Essence meets our everyday existence and we truly know ourselves for the first time. – JEAN HOUSTON, PhD, renowned philosopher, mythologist, human potential expert, author of The Search for the Beloved

Everything Matters, Nothing Matters shows us what is necessary and desirable in order to be fully alive: turning within, so that we can achieve forgiveness of others and ourselves. When we learn that – truly – nothing matters, our hearts open and our lives are transformed. – GARY RENARD, author of Your Immortal Reality and the best-selling The Disappearance of the Universe

Everything Matters, Nothing Matters presents a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of intent, intuition, ceremony, karma, healing and harmony. The process, and the discussion it will inspire, is fascinating. – LEWIS MEHL-MADRONA, MD, PhD, author of Narrative Medicine, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine

Gina, your book is incredible! Simple, yet so profound! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace. —DARIETH CHISOLM, news anchor, WPXI-TV Channel 11 (NBC affiliate)

Prepare to be changed forever. Everything Matters, Nothing Matters will lead you to the place you desire, whether your goal is spiritual growth or just living life fully. Gina Mazza Hillier's beautiful book illuminates the road ahead in a fresh, inspired and joyful way. – NANCY MRAMOR, PhD, author of the COVR award-winning book, Spiritual Fitness

Everything Matters, Nothing Matters is for creative minds who want to be at peace with themselves and give higher meaning to their work and life. – SEBASTIAN DOMINGUEZ, Emmy award-winning filmmaker/TV producer (PBS, NBC)

Reading EM, NM is like learning your creative-conscious path in one lesson. I was reminded of the profound simplicity of Eckhart Tolle and the heartfelt compassion of Wayne Dyer. – DR. DAN WAGNER, pharmacist/ethno-pharmacist, rainforest activist, international teacher, owner of Nutri-farmacy, author of the Natural Medicine audio series

EM, NM does far more than guess at what's to come; it shows us what's already here that we can't quite see. Chronicling one courageous woman's journey through all dimensions, read it because she's flat-out lived it from the grit of everyday life to the heavens and beyond. Gina Mazza Hillier is THE spiritual guide to watch your back. – TOM VOLKAR, life coach/business consultant, founder of CoreU and DelightfulWork.com

Everything Matters is the Operating System on becoming fully alive and awake within the divine awareness of our human potential. Gina shows us how to recognize and trust our muse. – STEVE SCIULLI, member of the ambient/global-dance musical duo Life In Balance (Koch Records)

Gina's energy is electrifying. She has inspired me to persevere on my own path of personal growth. Her writings will help you reach higher too. – SIRI HEASLEY, choreographer  /  dancer / singer / recording artist / musical theatre actor and founder of Siri's School of the Performing Arts

Gina is one of the most authentic individuals I have ever met. I am so thrilled that she has written this book. It will help those of us on the path to crystallize the yearning within us and guide us in developing our own authenticity. – EDY HOPE, recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award by President Bush

Thoreau wrote, "Only that day dawns to which we are awake." Gina Mazza Hillier clearly walks that rare path of the conscious-creative life with her eyes wide open, and with this book offers a road map that's both transcendent and tangible. Her words are as grounded and sacred as her vision. – MARC NIESON, screenwriter, filmmaker, author of The Speed of Life, winner of the Special Jury Award at the 2007 Venice Film Festival

For years I've had the pleasure of working with "Ginaji" on the structure and tone of magazine articles, only to be knocked out by the vivid, elegant prose of her final product. In times of creative drought, she has been a gifted muse, as well. With this book, Gina has crafted a crisp, efficient outline of the spiritual basics and fleshed it out with the comedy-drama of her own life to create a vibrant, breathing companion muse for anyone's journey. This book does what inspirational literature is supposed to do: inspire. I am pleased to add a copy to my collection of the most essential self-empowerment reference books. – SVEN HOSFORD, co-founder and publisher of Point of Light magazine

EM, NM is a beautifully etched roadmap to the numinous. With honesty, wit and well-earned insight, Gina demonstrates that we are all seekers, and part of our search is to answer the call from deep within: the call of our own creativity. It offers practical techniques that we can use to our great benefit. While Gina writes from a place of compassion and understanding, she doesn't attempt to convince us that the soul's journey is an easy one. She does something far more valuable: she invites us into a deep exploration of both the darkness and the heart's power of redemption – and she shows us how much a part of the creative process it all is. – INGRID MUNDARI, Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh, kundalini yoga instructor

As an international journalist and new mum, life easily becomes a blur of activities, obligations and deadlines. Add to it that my family resides in my native New Zealand and I’m in Phoenix. Don't get me wrong, I love it…but many days, I lose my noodle. That is why this book is so valuable—it gives working women like me the tools to balance it all and find peace within myself—even when my baby boy dumps his porridge on the floor and my magazine editor is calling from London, asking me to fact check details. – DEBBI GARDINER MCCULLOUGH, international journalist

…and from the professional world of self-help and guidance, a letter to the author:

Dear Gina,

I just finished your wonderful book! I work with clients as a social worker in a practice integrating many of these concepts. You have created an inspirational book that supports and enhances spiritual exploration, growth and development.

One of the ways your writing stands out in the self-help field is your integration of earthy and spiritual perspectives—something that is too often portrayed as a false dichotomy. I know from my professional experience that in order for people to embrace and activate change, they have to feel it is both possible AND important. If it seems impossible or unimportant, then we’ll just putter around keeping comfortably mediocre in our pursuits—because change seems too hard, we are too busy, or spiritual attainment falls too low on the hierarchy of our perceived daily life needs. However, to infuse our everyday actions and interactions with intention and purpose so that we consistently cultivate our personal growth, now that’s living!

Your perspective on simple ways to implement everyday spiritual practices shows that change and growth are indeed possible and, above all, important. I will certainly be recommending this exuberant, practical book to my clients.

Thank you for writing Everything Matters, Nothing Matters. It is a joy to read.

Warm regards,
Cinda Hocking, LMSW
Internal Energy Plus Consultant



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